Chuck the blues out with the junk

It’s one of those days when I feel low for no reason. My mind is just sad and doesn’t know how to cheer itself up. I just sit and brood. As it goes, whenever I try to reach people during these blues, none are available for a hearty talk. So again, I am forced to slump it out. I need to clear my mind, badly.

I stare blankly at tv not following one single dialogue or the story. Then switch it off because it adds to my irritation. I sit with a book but not for long for lack of attention. I can’t nap because of the nagging weight on the mind.

Best remedy, a blast of music, and few chores. My favorite, folding the piled up laundry and emptying the sink in the kitchen. Cleaning a room or a cupboard is also a form of therapy. When you throw unwanted junk, the room, cupboard and the mind is lightened up a bit.

The store room in my house was getting quite crowded but I had kept the cleaning, postponed . Its a congested room and I hate being there for more than two minutes. Bu then mood Blue hit me and I had to drive it out, somehow. What good chore than clearing up the store. So dived into the pile. Cartons filled with things kept in hopes of using them someday, beckoned me. I dug deep and pulled out all those plastic and glass bottles, unused ceramic cups- some with missing handles (don’t know why I kept them). All went straight to a garbage bag.

Next, under attack, three big plastic bags full of more plastic bags (Made a mental note to take the big jute bag to the supermarket, next time). Old toys, clothes, kept aside to be given to charity crammed the place. All pushed out.

The brooms, mops, cleaning liquids, detergents found their due corners.Packs of toilet rolls, tissue boxes, were assigned better places. Expired medicines, tablets, creams were chucked out.

Store room looked neat, with more space and some fresh air. Three big garbage bags with junk stored for years, were sent to the bin. I felt much lighter. The unknown burdens thrown away with the junk, gave a lift to the dampened spirit. Decluttering is the best way to clear the head as well, sometimes.

What recreation couldn’t accomplish a simple act of cleaning did, like magic. I notice the kitchen cupboard groaning under the weight of things crammed in. Next, in the hit list when the mood Blue strikes.


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