Once upon a time, my ear and phone stuck together, most of the time. Now people complain I don’t call them often. It is not because I don’t like to be in touch, but because long talks over the phone can be quite strenuous. The reasons are many,

  1. Time just flies – When on the phone, talking at length, the time kept aside for jobs just vanishes, as a result chores pile up.
  2. Aimless talk – Long talks end up in gossip and unnecessary chats about things/people. For the lack of subjects we discuss weather, what was for breakfast, lunch and dinner, which is irrelevant.
  3. Health – Recent studies have shown that usage of cell phone for long hours has ill-effects on our brain and overall health. Already short of memory my biggest fear is to lose it all. Better stick to shorter calls than be sorry later. I put the speaker on whenever I can.
  4. Kids – When on a call and kids are around, they take full advantage of the situation. Homework is incomplete, junk food finds its way to their mouths and tab, tv, PSP all go active. Scene is set for mischiefs.
  5. Respect the person at the other end – The friend at the other end, may be a busy person and has thousand things on his/her to-do list. If the person is equally free then long calls should be fun or else we will be on the ‘avoid’ list of people.
  6. Direct interactions – I love meeting people. Having a face-to-face chat with them is much more heartening. Calls are reserved for the dear ones who stay far and for people who we rarely meet.
  7. Alternative communications – With the advent of smart phones chat apps have gained much fame. We can keep in touch with friends using these apps also share short videos and pictures. We can send messages and respond when convenient, not necessarily immediate.

Even though it is nice to hear from our friends and families while staying away from them, we can still keep our talks precise. I do have once in a while long talks but on a daily basis it can be overwhelming. With fewer and shorter calls these days, I find more time at hand and able to manage my routine better. I have definitely more time for people who are around. Cutting the long calls short, I am more organized and that calls for celebration.


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