I love buying gifts because a lot of thought goes into it. The recipient, his/her age, interests, likes, styles everything has to be considered. Whenever I go gift hunting, I visualize the recipient with the gift. Then decide if it suits the person.

I had to buy one for a friend who was coming home for lunch. So off I went shopping. Last minute shopping is the best. It’s like a challenge – finding a gift before time runs out. I went to a place which specializes in shoes and beautiful bags. My favorite haunt. It is easy to look for a gift, when I know what is available there. Off I went to the bags section, even though shoes on display were screaming for attention.

I began my visualization session. Each clutch or bag I touch brought my friend’s image in front of my eyes with that particular item.  Clutches are all the same old, standard ones. A big NO. She has a toddler in tow, she needs to keep a hundred things handy, so if it is a bag then will need a big one.

I almost finalized a nice black bag with weaves on it when a jewelry box caught my eye. It was compact, so ideal to take along for travels. A clutch caught my attention, just then. A stylish party-clutch that came in two colors, gold and purple. It was difficult to choose between the both. I dragged in my husband for a second opinion.

The jewel box won. It was a clutch-like jewelry box, with handles. Its creamy complexion with slight glittery designs gave it a party look. What’s more, my friend’s brother is getting married soon, so this box is will be handy to keep the jewelry when she travels to India. Neat and compact it has all the essential pockets for chains, rings and earrings. Bought the box and wrapped it.

The gift is ready to meet it’s rightful owner and I am ready to see that smile when that gift makes one feel special!


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