5 ways how blogging affects my life

Past two weeks has been a huge learning experience. I am pushing myself, posting a blog everyday, each day a new topic. I am extensively studying about blogging itself and the sea of information online overwhelming. The knowledge and information shared by fellow bloggers and the fact that how well they present their write-ups, the writing styles, the data included, each small detail has me in awe. In short, I am addicted.

Past fortnight, I have seen a few significant changes in life,

  1. Clarity of thoughts –  When writing, it is very important to chronicle our thoughts in the right order. We need to know the specifics. We need to know when to elaborate or stop, decide what comes after what. This has become a habit now. Thoughts do not confuse anymore.
  2. Order in life – My days are more disciplined. Setting a time for blogging helped me plan and finish other chores before I start. It’s either when kids are in school or after their bed time, I blog. Rest of the chores are also planned accordingly.
  3. Confidence – What kept my blogging postponed was self-doubt. A fear that I may not be able to come up with something good. But after taking the plunge, I realized how much I enjoy doing this. The comments and reviews by readers, friends and family is a big, big boost. I look forward to write more, with confidence.
  4. Knowledge – Each day, I am learning something new. There is so much more to learn and I am enjoying, all the information seeping in, adding to my skills.  What a variety of subjects I can write about, it’s an enlightenment in itself. All these years of life experiences, extensive reading, meeting people has accumulated a treasure of knowledge and it is a delight to dig deep into it and just write.
  5. Happiness  – Last but not the least, I am happy to do something that I enjoy. It is a delight to see words pouring out, filling the page. Elated, when my work is appreciated, I am basking in the new found respect for self.

Recognizing my potential and bringing it alive is the best thing I have done, lately. When on the right path, what we find along the way is priceless lessons of life.


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