For me, a woman, is an inspiration. I love observing one in action. When women come together, it is like watching so many colors dancing on a canvas. I mean not only the colorful attires but also the vibrant personalities. Some docile, some strong, others feminine and a few, loud. Some with stories, some all ears. One is a beauty, one is just so smart, some are both – and that calls for envy!! Each one her own, chiseled out of life’s experiences. And when they come together, the room is all charged up with high volt energy that’s shockingly refreshing. For me, there is no better stress buster than being around a  bunch of ‘beauty and brains’.

There was a time, when women, once they are married had to forget about their connection with everyone outside and concentrate only on family. That became her world.  They didn’t think beyond being a devoted wife and mother. But they would have surely looked back, at some point of time, and remembered that old friend, who was like a soul mate. Wished she were around for a hearty chat. The feeling of, “she would understand!”. That is why we need girlfriends. To understand and just be there. Truth is, it is in this middle stage of life, that is all roller coaster, that we need our girl friends the most.

According to Therese Borchard, in her 5 types of girlfriends you need in your life girlfriends boost our morale and keep us going even when we are at our lowest. Friends are our,

  1. Cheerleaders – they know how to egg you on.
  2. Therapist – a talk with them clears your thoughts.
  3. The Prophet – sees where you are heading and need to take a turn.
  4. The Comedian – they know how to bubble that laughter out of you.
  5. The Leader – drags you along and sees that you are active.

In her blog Do women need girlfriends, Nancy Deville writes, “..  women thrive with women friends. Spending time with a BFF tamps down the “fight-or-flight” stress hormones and helps a woman’s body create serotonin, which is the feel good brain neurotransmitter that keeps depression at bay and mood even. Women who have intimate relationships with other women live 22 percent longer than women who don’t have friends.”

Long life or not,I love my time with my friends because it cheers me up. They say ‘laughter is the best medicine’ and if administered by friends, cure is instant! Old friends are just a ping away (thanks to smartphones!). But with those around,nothing more relaxing than a coffee shop meeting, with piping hot cups and topics  or a potluck brunch gathering. My friends and I, (gossip apart) discuss an array of subjects, which means we learn a lot from each other. Group activities help us share our skills. I loved helping my friend with decorating for her son’s football themed birthday party. It was so satisfying to come up with ideas and get creative making each decorative item.

Right friends inspire, are brutally honest and give that extra push (or a punch, depends!) and lift us up, spirit and mind . End result – juggling with multiple roles,we excel, stress busted. When surrounded by like-minded girls, that’s a strength in itself. The combined energy is charged positive as we entertain and empower.

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6 thoughts on “Power Pack of Women

  1. Hey!! Swathi:)) Super happy to know you blog…!! Getting a glimpse of my old friend – a lady with immense talent.
    All the best:) Looking forward to reading many more. Post the link on FB each time you blog!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Dear Swati,its nice to come across your blog.you should find more time to spend on it.
    I too have a bunch of good friends n I can understand what you mean.
    Keep it up


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