House in Dis-order..


I always think I should be inviting people over to my place regularly. Just before they come, there is a whirlwind cleaning of the house and it looks so good! Not a thing out of place, more space to move around, paper, books, toys are all stowed-in somewhere (how neatly, don’t ask, shhhhhh..)

Laundry basket high with clothes are all neatly folded and sent back into the wardrobe. The kitchen gets a face lift overnight. Washed utensils and spoons meet their old friends in the cupboards and drawers. The sink never gets empty, never mind. Will delegate the job to the dishwasher once the sink overflows.

As usual what takes more time is the kids’ stuff. So the war cry ‘clean up’ is bellowed and kids scurry around picking up things and putting away God knows where. Wait! I will know too, once the Hurricane Clean Up hits their room.

Bathrooms, toilets sparkling  – check. The dining table is clear of homeworks, assignments and text books – check ( I wonder what is the purpose of study table!) . Buffet table will hold only the fruit basket with table mats underneath and Salt-pepper dispenser – check. (Rest of the junk on it, shhhhhh… again)

The wall-hanging my daughter made, is dangling for its life, on one edge. Need to send the other edges back to the wall with double sided glue-tape – check. Perfect. Living Room, dining area – done. Throw a threat towards kids as a bonus, ” Don’t you dare move a thing around here”. Ha! satisfaction. I sit on the sofa that has all the cushions in place, my feet comfortably resting on the freshly vacuumed carpet. Feels good! Why isn’t the house this clean always? This time I will see to it, ‘everything is intact’. Only cooking on the agenda now.

After the thank you-bye-bye chat at the front door as we see off our guests, we turn around to see the house getting back to the familiar chaos. The cushions  are back on the carpet. The shuttle badminton rackets are out and the shuttlecock is dangling on the chandelier. My darling little angels are jumping with the rackets, to coax the shuttlecock and with it, the chandelier, down to the floor. The epitome of patience that I was till then, my vocal chords found it’s new high pitch which shook the chandelier so hard the shuttlecock came floating down. But my little ones with their netted weapons had vanished upstairs, not wanting to be the target, next. What, I was just asking them to be careful with the chandelier!

I turn to the dining table with dishes waiting to be cleared. I walk into the kitchen, it looks as if another whirlwind (not the ‘clean’ one) had hit it. The sink is the same, overflowing. No changes there. The sparkle is flushed out of the wash room. I let out a feeble war cry, ‘clean up’ and dragged myself through it all (No kids to help, this time around. They vanished, remember?)

I collapse on that sofa again. Where are the cushions, I don’t care. I look around satisfied. One week before the junk piles up again. ( I am blogging these days.. busy!)

Time for a flashback of the evening,  my favorite people, the chatter, the laughter, the good times, good food. On my feet all day, cooking, cleaning – before and after . I stretch and smile. Worth it!

The brighter side of it, I need not cook tomorrow, I have leftovers.


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