Time to look back

Its day 10 of the 30 day blog challenge. It has been an awesome 10 days, with me constantly thinking of nothing but my blogs and how to improvise. What I am looking for is the variety of the topics that can be the talk of my blogs. Here’s a look back on my first nine blogs, this one being the tenth.

1. The Wonder Called Internet – My first blog. It’s my association with the cyberworld. Cannot imagine myself without this old friend.

2. Exam Musings – This was inspired by the ongoing examinations in school. Exam fever has taken a monstrous form, putting kids under immense pressure .

3. Throwing the weight around – It’s all about the obsession of losing that ‘slightly overweight’ figure and the persistence that diminished quicker than that weight.

4. It rained memory today – It really rained memory, all those, associated with monsoons in India. Living in the Gulf for more than a decade nothing enchants us more, than a good shower from the heavens above.

5. Late night’s a treasure – A night owl like me will know what I am talking about. Late night’s a time I call my own while rest of the world’s in bed.

6. A chronicle of mails – Another trip down the memory lane that only old mails can inspire. The growth, fall, joys and sorrows of life are all summarized in the mails in the inbox that spans a decade.

7. A limit for goodness –  How much is too much? Why only a few are taught to be nice while a big chunk of the world is taught to be ruthless and selfish, without a trace of guilt. They don’t mind taking advantage again and again n then forget the kind acts and hurl pain, as reward.

8. Why prayer is the answer to stress – The benefits of prayer. Writing this one gave me indescribable joy.

9. The room of tornadoes – A mother’s first and last weakness, her kids and everything associated with them. Cleaning their room is the toughest job for various reasons.

10. This blog, which encompasses all my previous blogs. Especially proud of this one as I figured out on my own how to post a quick link. A new lesson learnt and implemented.

Twenty more days to go before I can be really proud. I had my doubts, but I am glad I am stubbornly hanging on to this challenge. I am loving the kick that blogging has given me. I love the heady feeling of seeing positive comments. I am so overwhelmed to see the growth and the positive change in me over the period of ten days. I am not giving up on this, I want more!!


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