The room of the tornadoes..

My top task in the list of procrastination is cleaning kids’ room, which always looks tornado-hit (tornadoes, actually!) Back from vacation, at least a hundred times I have seen myself running out of that room, with one thought in mind, ‘tomorrow’! 

The major hurdle in cleaning up that room is to decide where to start. Books, clothes, toys? Or those thousand tiny things that sting my feet as I walk around, but supposed to stay, as they are all declared ‘important’. The other day, I was looking for my daughter’s pink hairband. I bent down to check under the bunk bed and almost fainted. Whenever kids hear a ‘clean up’ war cry from me, most of the things scattered around vanish under the cot. I run out again, this is one impossible job.

This task is only possible when my little brats are in school, unaware of the raid on their coveted belongings . Even though every month that room sees a truck load of junk thrown out secretly, new things magically appear from nowhere and its time to clean, again.

I find tiny bits of paper everywhere, on the bed, under the pillow, on the table. My little daughter’s new partner in crime is a child-safe pair of scissors. Now, she is fascinated with cutting paper in various shapes and sizes, tiny bits being her favorite. The Barbie dolls line up next to her pillow while their shoes and accessories, once neatly put in a pouch have found a new home under the bed. Barbie is not to be disturbed!

I go up the ladder to my son’s bunk bed. The worst place to venture is under the pillow. Cars, tyres, beyblades, their tips, heads and all other spare parts rest there. He has two such pillows with junk-treasure underneath. These are carefully cleared (no throwing anything, these are declared ‘VERY important’) and sheets changed. I make a run to the kitchen for a hot cup of coffee and collapse with it on the sofa and my mind whispers, ‘rest of the room, tomorrow’.

Clothes are the fastest. The out grown clothes are set aside and the rest, arranged neatly. Then comes the tough bit. Accessories. Hairbands, clips, chains, bracelets, earrings, segregated and the pairs found, assigned to their places, knowing,  this task will loom large again, in a few weeks.

Books are the easiest. Arranging books ends up with reading a comic book or two. Total recreation, so no complaints.

The toughest clearance – toys. The toy box  always  lies in a heap because kids always need something that’s right at the bottom. Most of the toys have been long forgotten. But the moment it is shown the door, kids suddenly miss it and start a search expedition. Result is, the freshly arranged toy box is back in  heaps.

Clearing toys is not an easy job. Each toy holds a memory and I smile. But the old, outgrown toys must go. But a few special one, will stay forever. They are the remnants of the baby/toddler days of my kids – the stacking cups, the building blocks,that toy telephone and the drag-along duck. They will never go, even if the kids insist. They will stay at the bottom of the toy box, but top most, in my heart.

Truth is, this is why I stall cleaning kids’ room. It’s tough to part with the things that has seen their touch, evoked their giggles and brought them so many happy moments. They are the treasure trove of memories, so hard to let go.


4 thoughts on “The room of the tornadoes..

  1. Your blog took me back to the time my girls were little. All those toys have finally been packed up and given off- except for a few special ones. Now it is the turn of clothes and accessories, books and papers, headphones and tiny knick knacks. And oh yes, the umpteen pictures on the walls stare down at anyone who enters the room – sending the message “don’t you dare change anything”. Enjoy your kids’ room Swathi.

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