A limit for Goodness

Be good, be kind then happiness and goodwill will come to you from all directions. We were taught this when we were small. But does that lesson hold good in today’s world? Does the kindness and goodness return with interest? May be sometimes, but most of the times, the answer is ‘no’ .

Good and kind people have a weakness. They let the world know they are good and kind. The result is, people harvest on what they have been offered and then wave, good bye. Sometimes, good bye, with a kick added. So, do we need to be good and kind? Why only a few are taught to be nice while a big chunk of the world is taught to be ruthless and selfish, without a trace of guilt. They don’t mind taking advantage again and again n then forget the kind acts or hurl pain, as reward. Yes, sometimes good people deserve that kick, because they put up with the negative reward, again and again.

Some people have high morals. “This is how I am, I cannot stop being me. Even if they hurt me after all the good deeds, I will not stop. Someday, they will realize.” Seriously?? Those who don’t care for the negative but keep on with their good work, such people  brink on divinity.  Meting out goodness to someone who abuses it, is a big NO for me.

But there are people who know where to stop. They are all goodness, always ready to help, but don’t put up with negative reactions. Then, they know to kick too, politely!! They are my role models. Because I revel being a human.

In this world, lots of largeheartedness and little expressions of kindness is always needed. But one should know where to limit. Where there is no value or respect for the gift of a pure heart, when only ignorance and wickedness is  what you receive in the end, the show needs to end, too.

Let kindness prevail, let goodness prosper where it is reveled upon. Let the random acts of humanity  reach the right ones who are inspired to carry the torch ahead and light more paths. Hope rest of the ungrateful world, too, sees a change. They may not be the torch bearers but at least they can learn to appreciate the goodness they receive from all around, if not return.


4 thoughts on “A limit for Goodness

  1. Couldn’t agree more!! It is a sad reality that empathetic people have no choice but to coexist with narcissists .It is even more disheartening to see how empathy or kindness is so often underrated.As you rightly said, for whom empathy and kindness is a way of life ,a healthy balance or a limit should be set. Otherwise you are at the risk of falling into an ’empathy trap’ which can be physically and psychologically exhausting and wreck your inner peace


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