Throwing The Weight Around!!


As I munch on steamed veggies, I think if I will ever lose weight? My weight seems to love me a lot. Whatever I do, it stays put. Just when I rejoice I have lost a kilo, it comes back with a grudge and an extra inch.

I think back of the days when I was pencil thin. I long to be that thin again but that will never happen! I give myself lenience, at the least, the paunch that’s hanging stubbornly, thanks to two pregnancies, vanishes. Rest is still OK, I convince myself.

The advantage of living in a compound of forty-two villas is, you find a lot of like-minded, like-bodied ladies. Conversation usually steers towards weight loss as we try our best to burn down that fat in the gym. Lots of tips on diet and exercise fill the air and leave us confused. Going to the gym alone is boring, exercising at home never works, food control is a waste, walking makes me extra hungry, the reasons for not losing weight after all the so called hard work, was varied. Then we decided to collectively lose weight, inspire each other.

Aerobics, Zumba, yoga – suggestions were many. God answered our prayers and sent our way, a Zumba instructor. First class was jam packed. We started wondering if the small club house can fit in all the grooving ladies. All excited we prepared to lose those inches in style, what fun!! We went shopping for sporty costumes and shoes. Hair tied up, we were ready. Two classes per week. First week was full of ‘aah’s and ‘ouch’ with each inch of our  pampered body muscles screaming over the abuse. But no giving up until we see that hour-glass figure looming in the mirror. We were determined. Second week, we had more space in the club house. Two missing. Fine, the determined lot carried on – jump, sit, up and turn, two steps front, two steps back, move your hips – we were elated, we will be professional dancers soon. The instructor threw in few Bollywood ‘item’ numbers to impress the all Indian Zumba gang. We were smitten.

One month down the line, We had ample space to throw our legs around doing Zumba. Weight loss thrown to air -backaches, killing knees, locked necks and stern doctors took over, resulting in more dropouts. The miffed instructor then announced that she will not come to our, now, spacious club house if this continues. Eventually that’s what happened, she ditched us for another lucrative group of enthusiastic over-weight group. Heart broken we prepared for the summer vacation.

Back from vacation, we ladies came back from India rejuvenated. Spirit was high, with all the good times and shopping sprees. Weight also, on a high, with all the eating out, parties and mom’s hand cooked delicacies. Time to burn the fat again. The compound Whatzapp group announced, a yoga teacher is available. We pounced on the opportunity. The lady came for a demo session and we were ready, costumes and all. We stretched and bent and did everything she said. She was impressed, we didn’t know much. She will teach us now!!

Again the club house was tight-packed and more ladies trickling in. We split the class into two batches. Lady Yoga was thrilled seeing the  response. She said she will concentrate on toning and shaping our thighs, tummies and hips. We began dreaming of that elusive hour-glass figure. We slogged twice a week with all Asanas, following the guidelines. Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale, stretch and stretch, in hopes of that toned body. Again, the body went on strike. It refused to move it’s joints, muscles, back and neck. Two full-fledged batch reduced to one, within a fortnight. We regulars looked at each other knowingly – the class is going the Zumba way.

It was as if all the instructors in town, were attracted to our fitness-freaked compound. One more lady appeared and offered to give free aerobics classes. The gang was elated, weight loss for free!! Whats more it’s in the evening, so the working ladies can also join. Why should housewives have all the fun! So in the evenings, the aerobic guru, slim n trim and started her first class. By now we knew the pulse of the ambitious gang of ladies. First class, jam packed, as usual. Half of the Yoga students waved bye to morning yoga sessions opting for the free sessions in the evening. This way yoga breathed its last, with only two devout fans, who cried.

Very soon aerobics stopped. As it was a free class both student and instructor were not regular enough. Instructor vanished on the fixed days of the week for a variety of reasons and the ladies were annoyed. We, again, collectively decided, no more!!

Ladies of the compound are happy now. No task masters who propel our bodies to go on a strike. Regulars go on walks, or to the gym. Some exercise at home. Me and the like-minded, procrastinate, “let’s do it tomorrow!”. Whatzapp keeps popping lots of getogethers, potluck parties and birthdays. As we dress up, we smile thinking of food, laughter and all the good times. The hour-glass figure is chucked out. If it has to happen, will happen. Eat, drink and be merry for now, that’s the motto.


3 thoughts on “Throwing The Weight Around!!

  1. You had me in rapt attention …. In the blog where u “threw ur weight around”. I just couldn’t put it down. You have very beautifully portrayed the ‘calamities’ that snatch our urge to burn off those extra ounces 🙂 hilarious

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