The Wonder called Internet!

It’s amazing to watch how a seemingly simple tool slowly grows into something that is inseparable from life. I think of internet, that way. I was introduced to internet by my brother before he went abroad for higher studies. He said there’s a great way to stay in touch and its called e-mail. He got my first e-mail id floating and showed me the know-hows. This was some seventeen years ago. What started as a simple ‘keep in touch’ instrument slowly grew into an addiction.

In India, earlier, there were browsing centers that let us use internet. So browsing daily or often was quite a luxury for us, students. But slowly it felt good venturing into an unknown world and exploring it without any dangerous people lurking around the corner to pounce on you. For me, it was like traveling around the world without a ticket. It was a journey where every time I was online, I saw and learnt something new. Google became my new teacher and a friend, who was ready with solutions and answers.

After loving the ease of e-mails which reached the recipients immediately, it was time for chatting. Another new world opened up. Set up time with relatives and friends and come online and have a ‘type-chat’ with them. Immediate responses, wow!! I was hooked on to it.

It’s when I started working as a journalist that I really got serious with internet. With so much of research and homework that went into making a story or an interview, internet stood by me like a rock.

New advents! You can look for jobs on the internet,buy products, look for locations, what’s more, you can find your match too ! For me, it was more of curiosity again than finding a soul mate that led me into matrimonial sites. Imagine people meeting on the internet and getting married!! Who needs the real world??

Thanks to the Cyber World, I have made friends all over the world, some of whom I haven’t seen or met ever. But yet, they have touched my life and enriched it. Some friendships go back more than a decade and yet survived the test of time. Someday we will meet and celebrate!!

Marriage, children, bringing them up, time flies. Staying abroad, away from parents, relatives and friends, the quickest way of keeping in touch has been the internet. Its been a blessing, that my parents could witness my kids growing up with moments caught in pictures and videos shared with them. It’s a blessing, that my kids don’t treat their grandparents like strangers when they meet as they have interacted with them on Skype and FaceTime.

Staying at home, after kids were born and putting them as priority came naturally. But for a person who loves outdoors and meeting people it was not easy for me. Again, thankfully, that killed the boredom of routine life, kept my spirit up, and brought a smile only face and that helped me unburden the weight of a busy life was my dear computer. My constant companion, answered all my questions regarding bringing up kids, their health issues or simply helped chat with friends and that added more colors to my life.

It was a secret wish, to start writing. My parents bullied me for not starting it much earlier but i kept wading in the comfort of being a homemaker, having an easy routine now that the kids are in school. But the secret wish inside that little heart is like a fire. It Keeps burning us up until we acknowledge it and bring it out of its secrecy and then let it glow gloriously. This is my attempt to kindle that fire in my heart to leaping flames that will turn my little wish in to a roaring passion. And again I reach out to my good old friend to give me a new page everyday, to scribble on and help me find my readers.

I do wonder, what would I do without you, Internet!!


8 thoughts on “The Wonder called Internet!

  1. Better late than anything else! You are much more fierce in writing than this..but glad you could give this ball a roll..let it be a “There’s no stopping you now” situation. Write on us routine souls a scope to seep your humor in words!!!


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